The Music of Nicky Hind
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left quote …Lovers of this [minimalist] aesthetic, where the tangle density and rhythmic counterpoint are always a plus, cannot miss the title track [Reflections], penned by Nicky Hind, eleven minutes.… right quote
  Audio Classica, Spain


left quote …the understated cool of the Pink-Floyd-meets-Steve-Reich gem that is Nicky Hind's Crossings for guitar and live electronics (I could have listened to a whole disc of Nicky's work)… right quote
  Guitarra Magazine, USA

Seven Visions

left quote …a beautiful taste of experimental electronic music … a psychedelic journey to the center of your mind… right quote
  – Skylight, Greece


left quote Hind's compositions use simple, flexible, melodic and rhythmic components to create an evocative, layered soundscape. Jazz soloists Steve Kettley and Dick Lee…add a distinctive voice to the music's constantly modulating flow, setting up a complex and fascinating musical dialogue. Hindsight makes excellent musical sense of the relationship between writing and improvisation, maintaining an integral relationship between the individual voice and the base composition. right quote
  – The Wire Magazine, UK
left quote …this remarkably accomplished piece … a treat from beginning to end, but 'A Far Cry', which tells of the yearning for a distant loved one, and the spook-filled 'Dead Of Night' are particular stand outs. right quote
  Zeitgeist, UK

Quest and Slumber

left quote …took me to the Australian wilderness where mysterious winds elicited harmonics from barren rock formations, accompanied by aboriginal rhythms…right quote
  Computer Music Journal, USA
left quote …as you move from one garden to the next, perspectives change as the sounds overlap and fade. Begin at the garden marked Slumber, and feel a gentle hypnotic pulsing, like a heartbeat…In Quest the music – throbbing and pulsing, almost choral – becomes more directional. At the final garden, Confluence, the sound, built around the fountain, is like a chattering dawn chorus…Intriguing and fascinating. right quote
  – The Herald, UK
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